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Walters Buildings


Walters Buildings are post frame buildings unique to the industry, built with architectural charm and beauty.  A computer program developed by Walters Buildings further enhances the fine tuning of each building’s design.   We work hand-in-hand with Walters Buildings as we realize your buildings require individual and unique attention.  We listen to your needs first, and then design a building based on your specifications.

New Construction Builds


In our 30 years, we have built numerous homes with a variety of styles and features.  Each residence is customized and distinctly your own.  From small, two bedroom living spaces to upscale multi-level homes, we are versatile in our ability to create anything your heart desires.  Let us “build“ your dream to life.



When life is unexpected or you tire of your current surroundings, let us make your “old” new again.  Remodeling can give your run-down or outdated spaces a fresh face.  From a new tub in your bathroom to entire house rejuvenations both inside and out, we are qualified and experienced in all areas of home, barn, and business remodeling.   By installing new cabinetry in your kitchen or putting new siding on your home, we can chase the drab away.