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Kuhn Construction, LLC has been serving Shelby County and its surrounding areas for nearly 30 years.  Family owned and operated, we are a small general construction business that offers a wide variety of services.  We strive to use local suppliers as much as possible and have been a member of the Shelby County Builders Association for ten years.  To read more about us, please visit the “About Us” page.

We Specialize in Walters Buildings

Picture13A tradition of delivering a better building experience is the foundation of Walters Buildings’ service to you. Founded by Jack and Alice Walters, our company has been responding to the need for durable, quality buildings since 1958. The first frame building erected was a 40′ x 60′ machine shed built in Neosho, Wisconsin. Still in use today, it was a progressively new concept, built entirely by hand from digging the holes and setting the trusses to applying the galvanized steel. Progress that has been made since those early days can be seen everywhere. Brilliant color has been added to the galvanized steel, which improved its performance and looks. Round poles gave away to treated square posts which then turned to steel transfer plated columns resulting in engineered buildings for every purpose. Our crews now have specialized construction equipment so buildings can be erected quickly and more efficiently. Jack Walters’ sole proprietorship has changed into Jack Walters & Sons, Corp. and is now commonly known as Walters Buildings.

-Jack Walters & Sons, Corp